Cancer Patient Kristian Anderson’s Emotional Video to his Wife

Kristian Anderson made this emotional birthday video for his wife Rachel on her birthday after fighting terminal cancer. Hugh Jackman made an appearance to show his support. If there’s a terminal cancer patient out there who needs to share their feelings, we’d love to help for free. Life is too important to miss chances like…

This guy almost brings Jennifer Lopez to tears (American Idol)

This guy sings a song about his mother moving away from home. He sings his own song ‘I Try’. He almost brings Jennifer Lopez to tears. The good news is that he is moving on in the competition.

Emotional video: My beautiful woman

This really heartwarming movie is based on a true story worth sharing.

The most romantic wedding proposal with a twist

This is the amazing story of my sister Kelcie and her fianc√© Larry. Let’s make their dreams come true and send them to Disneyland for their Wedding and Honeymoon!