McDonalds reveals: no pink goop in our Nuggets (video)

How to make a Chicken McNugget! McDonald’s reveals how they make popular snack which bosses claim is made from ONLY breast meat After rumors circulated that McDonald’s nuggets were made with pink goop and bones, McDonald’s Canada attempted to set the record straight McDonald’s claims that they only use skin and breast meat in their nuggets The famous ‘pink goop’ photo is said to be unrelated to McDonald’s Researchers from the University of Mississippi Medical Center found most fast food nuggets contain ‘fat, bone, nerve, and connective tissue’

In attempt to answer the question ‘What’s in a chicken McNugget?’ after rumors circulated that it contained everything from pink slime to feet and bones, McDonald’s decided to set the record straight once and for all.

McDonald’s Canada took a film crew over to the Cargill production facility in Ontario where the nuggets are produced then shipped to McDonald’s locations around Canada, reports Eater.

One video introduces Amanda Straw, a certified de-boning specialist. She takes viewers on a journey that they may or may not want to watch as she puts a raw piece of chicken on a spike and dissects it.

She says that McDonald’s uses the breast meat for nuggets but that the wings and drumsticks don’t go into the products.

The second video, created in attempt to debunk the myth that pink goo goes into the popular fried nuggets, takes viewers on a tour of the factory and shows the nugget making process from the time they are prepared up until the time that they are packaged and shipped.

Nicoletta Stefou is supply chain manager for McDonald’s. She starts the video by saying that she has absolutely no idea where the photo of pink goo came from and that it has absolutely nothing to do with their chicken nuggets.

Jennifer Rabideau is a product development scientist at McDonald’s and she walks viewers through the factor as the nuggets are prepared.

After chicken is de-boned, the selected parts go into one big bin. The bins are pushed to the blending room where they are then ground and seasoned and mixed with some chicken skin.

The ground meat is then shaped into a ball, bell, boot, or bowtie shape and then coated with two batters.

After the chicken is coated it’s slightly fried so that just the outside is cooked. The chicken is then frozen, sealed, and shipped out to stores.

McDonald’s claims that it only uses breast meat in it’s products but according to Researchers from the University of Mississippi Medical Center, most fast food nuggets contain ‘fat, bone, nerve, and connective tissue,’ reports The Medical Daily.

‘The only meat used in McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets is chicken breast meat,’ McDonald’s states on its website. ‘The white meat is minced before being shaped into nuggets, and then coated with a specially seasoned batter at our trusted suppliers, such as Keystone Foods.’

On another note the U.S. Department of Agriculture said it would no longer ban chicken imports from four different poultry processors in China.

‘China does not have the best track record for food safety,’ The New York Times notes, ‘and its chicken products in particular have raised questions.’

Since the chicken is processed it also wont require country of origin labeling.