Plastic Surgery gone wrong

Normally Plactic Surgery should improve your looks. But in some cases it can go wrong. These to people are an example of nog knowing when to stop.

Time for a naked sunday!

When you’ve got some spare time on your hands, you can always get naked like this couple. They’ve made themselves a nude movie, but not like you would expect.    

Top 5 nudity in movies

They say it is the Shatner effect. When people go naked in movies without any reason. In this video you’ll see the top 5 of non essantial nudity

Is this the real McDonalds?

You know the adverts with those McDonalds dishes that makes your mouth water. Well, lets look at the real thing. The things you get on your plate when you order…

What if Google was a person

Everything you ask Google sounds a lot more stupid when you actually ask Google.

Tinderella, a modern fairytale

Present day Cinderella doesn’t wait for a fairy godmother to fix her up, she uses Tinder. Watch our take on the classic fairytale, updated for 2014. It may not end happily ever after, but it’s good enough for tonight.

Rick Mereki travels the world in a blink of an eye

Rick Mereki spent 44 days, traveling 38,000 miles, across 11 countries, just to film this one-minute video. The concept is simple, but boy, what a video. See if there are any places you know near you.